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UT-81 series fuel tank oil level sensor

UT-81 series fuel tank oil level sensor

Product Feature

Full Storke Ranges(mm): ±100mm, ±200mm, ±300mm, ±400mm

Operating Temperature (°C): -40~+100

Lead Line: Three lines

Non -Linearity(%of Span): <0.5% F·S


Stroke Rang(mm)±100,±200,±300,

Electrical connectionthree teflon insulated sheathed cable
Power supply220VAC
Maximum power 3A
Sensor accuracy1.0
Operating temperature-40~+100℃(-40~+212℉)
Standard of executionGB/T 13969-2008


The UT-81 series fuel tank oil level sensor is a liquid level sensor specially designed for the turbine fuel tank. The buoyancy generated by the buoy directly pushes the armature of the sensor up and down, and the change of the liquid level is converted into the change of the electric quantity by the transducer conversion. The purpose of the liquid level change is far. The liquid level sensor is directly mounted on the fuel tank. The sensor cylinder has a red pointer and a black line scale indicator on the white background, which can clearly and reliably indicate the change of the liquid level on the spot. In the high and low limit range positions, each pre-predetermined position A micro switch is provided for the user to switch on the limit liquid level alarm circuit.

The product can be equipped with XCBSQ transmitter or UT-81 intelligent displacement monitoring meter when shipped from the factory.

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