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3T-1 intelligent temperature monitoring table

3T-1 intelligent temperature monitoring table

Product Feature

Operating Temperature (°C): 0~+70

Non -Linearity(%of Span): <0.2% F•S±2℃

Power Supply: 100~240VAC

Output Type: DC4~20mA

Input Signal : Thermal resistance(Pt100、Cu100、Cu50), Thermocouple(B、S、R、T、K、E、J、N)

Supply voltage100~240VAC
Maximum power ≤10W
Input signalThermal resistor:Pt100、Cu100、Cu50
Output typeDC4~20mA
Output Impedance<1000Ω
Non-linearity, max<0.2%F.S
coefficient of sensitivity<0.01%F.S/℃
Operating temperature0~+70℃(32~+158℉)
Opening size (mm)152mm(Width)×76mm(Height)
Standard of executionJJG 874-2007


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