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XCBSQ Series LVDT Transmitter

XCBSQ Series LVDT Transmitter

Product Feature

Operating Temperature (°C): 0~+70

Non -Linearity(%of Span): <0.5% F·S

Power Supply: DC24V±4 , 220AC

Output Type: DC4~20mA, DC1-5V, DC4~20mA(double), DC4~20mA/DC1-5V, DC0~5V, DC4~20mA/DC0~5V


XCBSQ series LVDT transmitters are designed for three-wire and
six-wire LVDTs, featuring high accuracy, stable performance, strong
anti-interference ability, and high reliability. Suitable for valve position
monitoring, has been widely used in power, machinery, chemical and
metallurgical companies.
Product implementation standards refer to GB/T 17614.1-2008 and
GB/T 17614.2-2008.

FEATURE                                                APPLICATIONS
· Stable performance                                     · Valve position monitoring
· Strong anti-interference ability                  · Three-wire LVDT demodulation and amplification
· High reliability                                              · Demodulation and amplification of six-wire LVDT
· Load Resistance < 500Ω
· Operating Temperature Range : 0~70ºC

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